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  Hebei Riton Dali Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and most complete industrial special products importing and exporting synthetical enterprise in North China, and which has three manufacturing factories, and which has the complete Supplier System. Established in 2006, Ritondali Foundry covers an area of 100,000 sq.m with floor area exceeding 60,000 sq.m. German casting techniques and production line have introduced to the Foundy, Ritondali mainly offers all kind of Heavy Castings and High Precision Castings. Ritondali Castings have an annual capacity of 15000 tons of high precision castings. And Ritondali also offers all kind of customized Mining Equipment, Center Machining, Optical Fiber Laser Machining Equipment, Cold Roll Forming Equipment, Corrugated Carton Packaging Equipment and so on.

  Technical strength 

  Introducing the world-class high precision casting production line, hiring well-known experts and professors in the industry to form a design and development team, and to be responsible for the production technology process, building the world-leading manufacturing base in great effort, lay a solid foundation for Ritondali to become the world-class precision casting components supplier.
  In its early days, RITONDALI foundry factory began applying the MAGAM analong system to analyze the mold filling and the solidification procedure of the casting, optimizing the paameters in technological design process, forecasting the improvement of the casting's quality. When developing the castings, RITONDALI used advanced management system to shorten the development cycle greatly. At the same time, RITONDALI had a vivid and profound understanding of foundry, as well as improved its competitiveness.

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